Information for the patient

Information and documents

Hospitalised patient welcome manual

Quality patient care and service are our main focus at COT CAT, and we make sure we are always in close contact with the patient.

During your stay with us, you will be cared for at all times by professionals who will look after your health and wellbeing.

Furthermore, any of our staff will be glad to keep you updated at all times and answer any questions you may have.

Before admission

A few days before your admission, we will contact you to remind you of what time you should come to the hospital.

You must bring with you all tests and medical reports related to your current condition.

It is a legal requirement that you provide your written informed consent for any intervention, anaesthesia or transfusion, after being informed by your doctor about the benefits and risks involved in the procedure and any alternatives which may be available.

Remember to bring personal hygiene items, as well as slippers, a nightgown or pyjamas.

Documentation to be brought for admission
  • Authorisation from insurance company (if this has already been done previously through COT CAT, this is not necessary)
  • Signed informed consent
  • Preoperative (according to the doctor’s instructions)
  • National ID card or passport
  • Insurance company card
  • Advance directives document (if considered necessary)
On the day of admission

It is important that you strictly follow the fasting and preparation instructions given to you by your doctor.

Once you are settled in your room, the nursing staff will explain what will happen during your stay and will answer any questions you may have.

If you are taking any medication or undergoing any medical treatment, tell the nursing staff when you arrive at the ward.

Do not take any medication without the knowledge of the healthcare staff caring for you.

PLEASE REMEMBER: if you are allergic to any medication or product, if you require a special diet or if there is anything exceptional about your situation, do not forget to inform the nursing staff at the time of admission.

YOU MUST NOT ENTER THE SURGICAL AREA with dental prostheses, ocular lenses, glasses, jewellery, etc. (please give these to your accompanying relatives or friends; the centre is not responsible for such items) and you must not wear makeup or nail polish.