10 Apr WEBINAR Advances in anterior cervical fixation

On April 30, Dr. Carles Morera, a spine specialist, will attend the online webinar “Advances in anterior cervical fixation as moderator and speaker. Clinical cases". The pandemic has changed our daily lives in a significant way and has forced us to adapt quickly. Inscripciones: ...

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21 Mar Inspiring meetings between professionals and students

Dr. Carles Morera, specialist in spinal surgery, tomorrow 22 participates in the inspiring meetings between professionals and students, it will be a communication with the aim of directing young people about different professional profiles, a help so that they have more information and decision-making capacity. Inspire students through real experiences...

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29 Jan Business Change Management

Dr. Morera has attended  a course on usiness change management that has been taught to the UPF Barcelona  School Management. Change is constant in life. Organizations are part of it.  This change is linear and not staggered. Uncertainty and lack of foresight cause fear, and sometimes panic. Having the knowledge and resources to cope with change,...

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