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27 Mar

A deeply vocational profession. We do not have the best healthcare in the world, but YES TO THE BEST PROFESSIONALS. [video...

21 Mar
We are all Mútua

We are all Mútua. Thanks to this great staff with whom we are lucky enough to be able to share every...

15 Mar
Medical Advisor

The Spanish Society of Sports Medicine, the Sports Health Protection Agency and the General Council of Official Medical Associations of...

14 Feb
Sport Klinik

Dr. Santi Sabatés has been in the Sport Klinik leading a new project. New knee prosthesis techniques: fully customized prostheses...

29 Jan
Business Change Management

Dr. Morera has attended  a course on usiness change management that has been taught to the UPF Barcelona  School Management. Change is...

27 Jan
Newsletter GEER

NewsletterGEER NewsletterGEER  NewsletterGEER...

13 Dec
Endoscopy Course

Dr. Morera is participating  in the theoretical-practical course of minimally invasive endoscopy column with Dr. Nicolás Prada at the CEU  School of Medicine in Madrid....

12 Dec
Merry Christmas 2019

COTCAT wishes you Happy Holidays friends, colleagues and collaborators !!!...