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24 Nov

Dr. Piqueres has attended the BIAS 2019 course at the Bellvitge Hospital in Barcelona....

16 Oct
Eurospine 2019

Dr. Morera, a specialist in  spinal  surgery, has attended other  professionals  from around the world to the Congress EUROSPINE 2019, where they share...

09 Sep
XI Spinning Day 2019

As every year COTCAT participates with the gimnas Squash4 to the 11th Spinning Day Terrassa on october 5, in the Plaça Vella, in the center...

07 Jun
20th EFORT 2019

Dra. Barbára Lozano at the 20Th European Congress of Trauma EFORT 2019 to Lisbon, presented a communication: Metam- metal hip prostheses:  follow-up and serial results of...

06 Jun
8th Annecy Live Surgery

Dr. Xavier Piqueres,  specialist in pathology of the upper limb, is in the  3- day international biannual course, held in Annecy, France.  Where...

04 Jun
Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Dr. Morera in Bilbao working with Dr. Nicolás Prada, orthopedic surgeon specializing in spinal surgery.  Pioneer in Endoscopic Spine Surgery and Dr. Eduardo Alvarez Irusteta, responsible...