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08 Oct
Sports sponsorship 2013/2014

Cot Cat has sponsored again the Fire Department of Terrassa of the Generalitat de Catalunya for this year 2013/2014. Diari de...

07 Oct
COT CAT at Barcelona Divina

COT CAT articles at Barcelona Divina Magazine. COT CAT Article (SP)) Dr. Carles Morera Article (SP) Barcelona Divina Magazine (SP) ...

10 Dec
Sports sponsorship 2011/2012

COT CAT has sponsored the Terrassa fire-fighters team in the Valldorsala seven-a-side football league 2011-2012. ...

01 Oct
Sports sponsorship 2012/2013

COT CAT has sponsored again this year 2012/2013 the Fire Department of Terrassa of the Generalitat de Catalunya, on the...

25 Sep
Osteoarthritis of the knee

By: Santi Sabatés Mallorques The knee is the largest joint in the human body and its normal function is required for most...