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27 Oct
Knee prosthesis course

Dr. Sabatés has attended the course and workshop of innovative material in recanvis of knee prosthesis at the Hospital Clínic...

23 Oct
Night of the Entrepreneur

    Cotcat and Cotcat Sport Always Exploring New Limits. We have attended the 23rd edition of the Night of the Entrepreneur...

21 Oct
Course of Regenerative Therapy

Doctors Lozano, Sabatés and Morera attended the meeting on cell therapies held in Barcelona at the Creu Blanca Clinic and...

20 Oct
Knee Sports Meeting 2017

Dr. Sabatés has participated in the Gijón Knee Sports Meeting 2017, where new strategies have been discussed in the treatment...

13 Oct
Eurospine 2017

          Dr. Morera has attended with other spine professionals from all over the world to the EUROSPINE 2017 Congress...

29 Sep
Secot 2017

Members of COTCAT participate in the 54th National Congress of the Spanish Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, in which they...

30 Aug
Spinning Day 2017

   COTCAT and Àptima Centre Clínic Mutua de Terrassa with Spinning day 2017, registrations will open on July 10 until September...

06 Jul
SeaSpine Expert Colloquium

   On July 6, the SeaSpine Expert Colloquium, a course attended by international speakers, has been developed in Vienna for spine...