XIX Congress SECCA 2017

16 Jun XIX Congress SECCA 2017

SECCA 2017

SECCA 2017 .2



Last week was held the annual congress of Hip Surgery, where an update of the latest surgical news was made.
Planning is now becoming increasingly important. Includes comprehensive assessment of the radiological tests that provides information to know the size and type of implants required. It reduces the surgical time and therefore the risks for the patient.
There was talk of the rapid recovery programs that are being implemented in more centers, to favor early rehabilitation and reduce the need for days of patient admission. Our team has carried out this type of programs for a long time, with information to the patient, inpatient rehabilitation program, adequate analgesia guidelines, …
Emphasis was placed on the assessment of lumbar spine problems prior to hip surgery, since some pathologies such as scoliosis may influence hip mobility as well as increase the risk of dislocation of the prosthesis if not They take into account.
Our team presented the communication: Total hip prosthesis in patients with acetabular protrusion. The acetabular protrusion consists of a hip deformity that limits its mobility and can cause problems when implanting a prosthesis.

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